Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Camera Calibrations

So Why Calibrate the Windscreen Camera?

This is your shiny new Mercedes car. You’ve not had it very long and you love it.

It’s got all the mod cons, fancy stereo, heated seats, rain sensor, leather upholstery etc…

It even does this thing, where, if a child steps out into the road in front of you, the car applies the brakes, in a controlled manner, bringing the car to a complete stop, just in time. You don’t know how it does it, or how it knows, but it just does.

You got a stone chip last week, that quickly spread into a cracked windscreen, so you had to have that replaced, but unfortunately that wasn’t covered on your insurance. They also said you would need an ADAS Calibration done at the same time.

You didn’t have a clue what ADAS Camera Calibration is but Motorway Windscreens quickly explained that there are all different types, doing different things. One of these things is your emergency breaking system.

If you hadn’t had the calibration done, how could you be sure that the car would assist you in a more controlled halt in the event of a dog, or even a child stepping into your path whilst travelling?

How can you prove, in a court of law, in front of a judge, that the safety system that your car came out of the factory with, is still working correctly.

You can with an ADAS Calibration Certificate from Motorway Windscreens

You wouldn’t have a new tyre fitted without having the wheel balanced would you? The two go hand in hand.

Insist on your Windscreen Raplacement company offering the full package

Adas Windscreen Camera Calibration in Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster

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